Things to do and see

It's a great time to get out and about in nature. Use the weekend as an excuse to get as much nature play in as you can! There are lots of cool things to see our our beautiful Tuggerah Lakes.

learning about sustainable fishing - photo by Lisa Haymes

Discover the birds

Visit Tacoma and Tacoma South and take a picnic at one of the beautiful reserves. These reserves provide habitat for bush birds, plenty of waterbirds in the lake such as Black Swans and birds of prey such as White-breasted Sea Eagles. Peaceful walking tracks out to the point on north and south sides, and at Tacoma near Don Small Oval. When you are there check out the great example of saltmarsh and the work being undertaken to rehabilitate this important foreshore community. 


Spot some of Australia’s important bird species 

They are hanging out in the trees and shrubs that surround our lakes, rivers and creeks. Take a walk in your local place and see who lives here.


Read more about Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater's. Look out for these guys in the forests around the Tuggerah Lakes.



photograph of black swans at Tuggerah Bay

Photo: Black Swans at Tacoma

Cattle Egret Silver Gulls Jetty at Berkeley Vale - Photo by Christina Port

Cattle Egret and Silver Gulls hanging out at Berkeley Vale