Healthy Lakes

The ongoing health of Tuggerah Lakes estuary is a priority for Wyong Shire Council. 

The actions implemented so far as part of the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan [hyperlink to EMP] have made a profound and noticeable difference to the condition of the estuary.

This brings us a step closer to realising our vision for this unique environment.

Our vision

Water quality 

Current water quality does not deteriorate in the face of increasing development


Healthy foreshores that promote saltmarsh growth which in turn aid in the natural breakdown of seagrass wrack

Public facilities

Excellent recreational facilities at access points

Rivers and creeks

Healthy rivers and creeks that connect well with the estuary and provide good habitat for animals

Ocean entrance

Existing exchange with the ocean is maintained

Seagrass wrack

Seagrass wrack will be harvested where it accumulates. Where possible saltmarsh will be used to encourage natural drying out of wrack on foreshores 

Fish and prawns 

Sustainable fish and prawn populations and habitats that provide long-term recreational and commercial fishing

We’re listening

Some of the most common concernsabout the lakes are water quality, odour and seaweed. While many of these issues are part of the lakes’ natural processes, they can be made worse by pollutants and human activities.

Council is working to reduce the impacts of these issues by:

  • Eliminating litter and sediments from stormwater before they reach the lakes
  • Removing excessive seagrass wrack 
  • Regenerating saltmarsh to improve foreshore erosion

Find out what else Council is doing here.