There are many wonderful places to explore Tuggerah Lakes and the surrounding scenery by either bike, foot or watercraft.

Technology helps residents to explore Tuggerah Lakes as never before

The Tuggerah Lakes Estuary ‘Explore’ app is an innovative phone and tablet app boasting interactive maps, information about different tracks and trails, species guides for local wildlife and updates on activities at the lake.

It is a comprehensive in-pocket guide that is the 21st century version of the traditional encyclopaedia that is allowing everyone from the starry-eyed youngster captivated by local birds to the long-time resident who has seen many changes over the years to engage with the lake and its wider eco-system.

Complimenting the app is a selection of educational ibooks that  are a fantastic resource for schools and community groups to explore some of the environmental issues associated with the estuary and understand the management strategies underway to protect this vital ecosystem.

The way we access information has undergone a transformational change in recent years and investing in these new technologies signifies our commitment to educating the community about this beautiful natural environment and sharing the knowledge for the entire community to access

The Tuggerah Lakes Explore App and ibooks are available to download free of charge across multiple platforms.

For ibooks, search Central Coast Council in the Apple Book Store

The app can also be downloaded via itunes and Google Play

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government under the Improving Your Local Parks and Environment program.

Take a ride around Tuggerah Lakes

Do some fishing at The Entrance

Walk around lakes and see Black Swans in Tuggerah Bay

When you are out and about

While you are in the Tuggerah Lakes estuary you may see many interesting and unusual things. While most of these are just a normal part of the unique living life of the Tuggerah Lakes, sometimes it is important to report the things you see to help with management of the Lakes.

We’re interested in hearing about any unusual sightings or events about the lakes environment and wildlife. If you see something worth reporting, for example illegal dumping or injured/sick wildlife please report this information to Council.

How do I report a sighting?

To report a sighting or an issue contact us on 1300 463 954, visit the Central Coast Council website, or email us at ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au.

To report sick, injured, stranded or dead birds contact council or the local wildlife carers – Wildlife A.R.C on 43250666 or Wires on 1300 094 737.