Get Involved

The Tuggerah Lakes estuary belongs to all of us and everyone has a role in ensuring this great natural area is protected for future generations to enjoy just like we do.

No matter where you live, either on the coast or just visiting, you can undertake actions that are good for the local environment. So become a fan of Our Living Lakes and learn to love them today.

Join environmental activities and groups

Throughout the Tuggerah Lakes estuary catchment area there are organisations, activities and events helping to protect our Living. Get involved in a community group near you and start working towards sustainable Lakes.

Make a difference at home, work or school

Take actions at home, work or school that are good for the Lakes environment. Love our Living Lakes. Activities taking place on the land can impact on the Lakes so take the first step towards making a difference. Find out more.

Or download the exciting Central Coast Council multi-touch books.

Be responsible out on the water

When you are out on the Lakes or upstream in the catchment, help protect plants, animals and habitats by following the signs. You can also be our eyes and ears to ensure others follow your lead – report any issues or suspected offences you have witnessed.

To report a sighting or an issue contact us on 1300 463 954, visit the Central Coast website, or email us as

To report sick, injured, stranded or dead birds contact council or the local wildlife carers – Wildlife A.R.C on 43250666 or Wires on 1300 094 737.

Join our online community

Join our online community of people who care about the Tuggerah Lakes estuary. Learn about the work being undertaken to protect the Lakes and share your stories, photos and videos of the beautiful places in your neighbourhood. Post a message on Facebook, tag us on Instagram @centralcoastcouncil or #centralcoastnsw