There is so much to learn about how the estuary works and what you can do to help protect and preserve it.

There are many pages of information throughout this website to help you to both learn what the issues and impacts are and what we are doing to trying a help the lakes stay healthy. You can learn by topic or by researching some of the previous studies undertaken that inform all the works we undertake on the ground.

Take a look around and Love our Living Lakes.

Learn by topic

Learn by crawling around the catchmentStormwater Run off

Attend one of our free workshops and learn about the local catchment. See more.
save you back
What happens with stormwater run off. Find out more.


To assist with school assignments there are a number of resources available. Go to the resources section and find out more.

Water education

Central Coast Council has developed water education programs for children from pre-school to high-school age.

  • Estuary multi-touch books (available through the iBookstore by searching Central Coast Council) are interactive learning tools for early childhood and primary aged students.