Estuary Management Plan

Our plan to helpĀ our living lakesĀ get healthy

The Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan (EMP) was adopted by Council in 2006. The EMP was developed over a nine year period and provides strategic direction for the management of the Tuggerah Lakes estuary and its catchment.

The EMP is considered the platform by which Council will manage the estuary into the future. Its primary objective is to provide direction for the management of Tuggerah Lakes and its catchment in order to ensure the sustainability of its ecological systems.

The Estuary Management Plan was developed to identify priorities, costs and likely timeframes for taking further action. It incorporates the social, economic and environmental values of Tuggerah Lakes. The Management Plan was subject to community consultation before it was finalised and acted upon. The Plan recommends the order of works and the costs involved.

So, where are we up to with the plan? What have we been doing to manage this important and beautiful place? Read more.