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What is an estuary? Are all estuaries alike? How do we study estuaries? How do estuaries impact my life?

Australian estuaries are semi-sheltered coastal bodies of water with a connection to the sea, where seawater mixes with freshwater run-off from surrounding lands. Estuaries are always a mix of seawater and fresh catchment water. Estuaries are now recognised as some of the most biologically productive habitats on the planet, rivalling rainforests. Dive in for basic information and find out more.

What lives in the estuary

There are so many animals and plants living in and around our Living Lakes, read about what makes up the estuary and why they all depend on each other for its health. What lives in the estuary?

Biodiversity on the Central Coast

No matter where you live in the Tuggerah Lakes catchment, on the Bucketty Ridges or Somersby Plateau, or in the fertile valleys at the foothills of the Watagan Mountains, or even on the coastal and near coastal alluvial plains at Wyong, Tuggerah, Munmorah, Bateau Bay or The Entrance and Long Jetty, there is biodiversity all around you. Read more.

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