What can you do

The answer is simple – whatever you can.

The Tuggerah Lakes estuary needs us all to pitch in and rescue it from its current fate. We can all do something to help save this precious environment but we will need to work together.

Every household, school and business can start now by spreading the word that whatever goes into the stormwater drain, creek or river eventually ends up in our lakes. See how what you do at home can affect what goes into the stormwater.

We all depend on a healthy estuary. Let’s bring it back to good health, together.

It’s not too late. Join us today, click on the picture below and find out what you can do at home, work or school.

  at home logoat work imageat school image

How healthy is your patch?

Report cards have been created for each local area to track progress on the health of the lakes. How healthy is your local patch?